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    The role of the Anthonys in the acquittal

    I haven't seen a thread talking about what specific roles the Anthony's testimony had in the acquittal. They were crucial to the verdict.

    - George. He's just not a good liar and even when he's probably telling mostly the truth he comes off sketchy. Plus his vacillations in mood didn't help. The first time he went on the stand he went into extreme detail about the last time he saw Caylee, especially about what she was wearing. I knew he was lying because he contradicted what he had told the FBI about Caylee mentioning Zanny but even if I didn't know that, I would have still thought he sounded suspect. It seemed like he was putting on a show to help the prosecution more than being honest. Myself and others on the forum also thought he sounded insincere when he said he never sexually abused Casey. Now I don't believe he did, but it just shows he wears a public mask of insincerity that makes it hard to tell when he's speaking the truth.

    His anger and combativeness also hurt him. I can totally understand it given what he had been accused of but at the same time the way it came out still sounded unnatural at times, like he had something to hide.

    His testimony about River Cruz was probably the worst though. Saying he found the affair accusations funny and trying to downplay the visits and texts was not a good idea. What did he say...he visited her 2 or 3 or maybe 10 times...he said something like that which did not sound credible.

    - Lee. I think his testimony was probably huge. His room was right next to the nursery and he still was able to ignore it. His testimony about the pregnancy proved that an Anthony child will not face up to something staring him right in the face. Just another chance for the jury to see the denial that runs strongly through the family. And his emotional breakdown, which Casey shared, was odd. It had to impact the jury and make them wonder just how strange this family is.

    - Cindy. So much with her but one thing I will say is that I thought her boss seemed like she was kind of out of touch. I really got that vibe from her demeanor. We've all had bosses like that, who will say things were done by the book but who don't really have a firm grasp of what's going on under their noses. I don't know if that's what was really happening at Gentiva under her watch, I know she said she was the one who covered for Cindy when Cindy left, but the bosses demeanor seemed to say that she wasn't as engaged with the workplace as she should have. I think that, and the fact that the computer expert didn't not go over the very specific times when Cindy had used her computer when she was supposed to be at home undermined the prosecution's attempt to impeach Cindy's testimony about the chloroform searches. Makes me wonder if that left doubt and left Cindy's testimony with an impact it shouldn't have.

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    I continue to hear the argument that Casey was a "good mom".

    Cindy, according to many including her son, had repeatedly stated that Casey was NOT a good mom. It is well documented that Cindy thought she was unfit and should not even have custody of the child. Seems she would know more than that **** Geraldo.

    1. Dragged Caylee from pillar to post - party night spots including the naked party event (flag draped photo of Casey). Take a look at the black circles under Caylee's eyes and tell me she wasn't being kept up until all hours of the night with partying Casey.
    2. Provided no support - she didn't even work to try to buy Caylee a doll or toy

    Susan Smith was said to be a good mom too -- until she strapped her sons into their seats and drove them into the lake and drowned them.
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    The keyword in the title of this thread is "ROLE" ... the "role" of the A's in the acquittal ...

    Yep ... the Anthony's pulled it off just as planned as THEY PLAYED BOTH SIDES OF THE FENCE !

    I wonder who their "acting coach" was ?

    The MOTY got off ... she will be free with NO TIME served for MURDER ... only time for "lying" to LE ...

    They will be happy to have the "murderess" back at Hope Spring Drive ...

    And all the Anthony's will be laughing "all the way to the bank" ...

    Yep ... they had a "role" all right ... it's called MONEY $$$$$ ...

    Poor Caylee ... WE will always remember you ... and we will ALWAYS REMEMER that your "family" let you down ...

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