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    Should a defendent be allowed to pose in court

    What I mean by this is this.

    We all know the entire defense of Casey Anthony was based on lies. Cindy Anthony lies just as much as her daughter.

    We all know that Casey Anthony was posed in court. From the clothes she wore to the lowering of her seat to her actions in the courtroom

    I do not believe this should have been allowed. The opening statement alone which was proven to be false as the good judge even said there was no proof of sexual molestation. I believe right there and then a mistrial should have been imposed.

    To me this was all a farce. The defense was able to get by with a lot in this case and for what reason, just to keep the case from coming back on appeal.

    I really believe that a hard look needs to happen at our judicial system.

    I don't like speculation or hypotheticals

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    I don't think Casey was "posed" in court, and I hope the jurors were intelligent enough to pay little or no attention to how low her chair was. I think I prefer to give them a little more credit than that. As for her wardrobe, at least she wasn't dressed in sexy peekaboo tops and short skirts. Her clothes were very modest, IMO.

    No disrespect intended, but how many cases have you followed? How many times have you sat in as a spectator in murder trials? This was NOT the most unusual trial ever, and Baez is NOT the most incompetent or crooked lawyer who has ever graced a courtroom. Some of us have seen much worse. As for our justice system, it's what we have, so we have to deal with it. However... I refuse to believe that this jury based their verdict on her looks or her clothes or that her chair was sitting lower than the rest of them. She's very petite. Perhaps if it was raised up to their level, her feet would have been unable to reach the floor and that would be extremely uncomfortable for so many hours.

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    i think that forums like this gave the defense team a clue as to how the general public was feeling about the defendent... i have no doubt that they read these forums during and after each day's session... i saw definite changes in casey's demeanor/dress/hair from one day to the next (especially in the beginning) depending on the forums were saying...

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