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    since she can't be tried again....

    Would it help anyone if Casey took a lie detector test agreeing up front that the results would be public? Or the video of the test released? If she were to tell the absolute truth of what happened, would that allow Caylee to rest in peace? Would it give some comfort to those who loved Caylee so much?

    [Hey, I'm aware she lies about everything and one could always say 'who would believe her'. Casey and JB have their fantasy world, I can have mine too.]

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    She refused a lie detector test in the beginning and I don't trust lie detector tests anymore than I trust Casey to tell the truth.

    Anyway I don't care if she gets interviews, confesses or anything because I won't watch or give her the time of day.
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    No, it would not help. LDTs are not fool-proof and can be beaten. Keep in mind, as a narcissist she fully believes in her own lies which may aid her in passing the test.

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    Regards your enquiry if a lie-detector test enable Caylee to rest in peace

    it's my belief and hope that Caylee would automatically become at peace the moment she left her earthly body, if not before

    She was in human form only a very short time and as such, was closer to the spirit world than to the gross material world

    I don't believe Caylee has been deprived of peace as result of the legal circus which surrounds her earthly death, if that's any comfort (and I hope it is

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    I have no doubt she could pass a lie-detector test since she most likely believes her own lies.
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    She could take it, but since everyone will think shes lying if shes telling the truth, because shes damned no matter what, whats the point?