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    Casey vs Cindy - Who Will Get Rights to Caylee's Name?

    Now that ICA has been found not guilty, you think she will fight CA for the right to use and profit from Caylee's name? Or might they work together?

    I was thinking last nite, in order to gain more sympathy to get people to buy her book, CA might say something like, "Part of the proceeds of this book will go to the Caylee Anthony memorial fund." Wouldn't matter to me, not giving them one dime.

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    Now this will be a battle to behold. I just hope everyone boycotts and they don't make much, if any money off the situation.

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    Let's bring them to swamp land and let them fight it out. Winner and loser both have to stay there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nefriahaia View Post
    Now this will be a battle to behold. I just hope everyone boycotts and they don't make much, if any money off the situation.

    Oh yes !

    We've seen KC's snarl

    Can CA match it !

    Maybe promoters can organise a cage-fight

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    This ought to be a real good "cat" fight !

    Oh ... the "irony is rich" ...

    JMSSO = Just My Super Secret Opinion

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    I think Cindy will keep it-- has to retain some of that power. jmo

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    gheesh, the two women are both actresses now... they have to "fight" for the sake of value...

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    Would be interesting during interviews between THs and KC -- when she's asked, ' You claimed your father and brother molested you. Did they ? '

    and ' You seemed very happy during the month after Caylee died. Tell me -- what was going through your mind when you were shopping at Target ? We've all seen the CCTV (and behind the interviewer, the CCTV is shown on a gigantic screen) and you seemed very relaxed and unconcerned, as you did in the photos (photos are shown on gigantic screen) of you partying and drinking

    Followed by: ' You claimed Caylee had been kidnapped by a nanny. We now know that there was no nanny. Can you tell us exactly why you invented such a story and failed to inform LE that Caylee in fact was dead ? '

    And then: ' People are saying you owe your freedom to the fact your defence team blamed your father for Caylee's death. Do you believe your father is to blame ? In any case, why didn't anyone in your family simply contact 911 instead of concealing the fact your daughter was dead ? '

    and so on

    What will KC do in face of these very legitimate questions ? No answers - no payee by the media, remember. Pretend tears won't cut it

    What will she do -- bunch up her fists and snarl at interviewers ?

    Will be interesting ...

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    I would imagine Casey as she is the legal bological mother. And was found NOT GUILTY.
    I want to scream to anyone that will listen.

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