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    Germany - Daniel Ruda/Satanic killer up for release

    I know. Just hysteria. These things never really happen. Urban legends and all.


    Satanic killer who drank victim's blood to be freed
    July 6, 2011

    "Germany is poised to release a criminal called the Satan Killer who sacrificed a man on a coffin in his home to drink his blood. Daniel Ruda, 35, who filed his teeth into points to give him the appearance of a vampire, killed Frank Hackert at the home he shared with his wife Manuela, 32, in Bochum in 2001. She shared in the blood-drinking ritual...."


    "...Ruda was sentenced to 15 years in jail for killing Hackert, 33, with 66 stab wounds. The couple spent holidays in England and Scotland, sleeping in graveyards and attending devil-worship parties. Manuela was sentenced to 13 years for her role and has since been freed from a psychiatric unit. She has been given a new identity and has no further contact with Ruda...."


    "...DH, mother of the dead man, said: "I hope they don't let him out. I am not well. I am psychiatrically shattered....."


    "...The couple said they had chosen their victim for sacrifice because he was "so funny and would be the perfect court jester for Satan".

    More at link

    Some background:




    http://www.coolest-vampire-art-galle...uela-ruda.html (a wedding photo, I presume)


    During the trial, several witnesses testified that the two suffer from personality disorders. You think. Rest in peace, Mr. Hackert (Haagen, on some sites).

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    "....Some of Germany's most eminent psychologists have worked on the Ruda case, which has shocked a country with a growing problem of young satanists. The latest estimates put the number of followers at 6,000. The cult is most common in the depressed towns and villages of the former Communist east of the country...."

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