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    The court will find ....
    count 4 - alleging providing false info to LE - the following conduct....alleged the defendant employed @ Universal Studios in 2008.....missing child - LE went to Universal to expend LE resources to find she did not in fact work there....

    count 5 - she had left Caylee @ Sawgrass Apt w/babysitter....caused LE again develop and follow various leads trying to locate ZTN and the missing child

    count 6 - she had informed Jeff H and Juliette Lewis of disappearance of Caylee

    count 7 - she had received a call and spoke w/Caylee ....causing LE to extend resources...

    those separate and distinct lies caused LE to spend, time, energy and manpower to look for Caylee....search went on from July - Dec...over several months trying to find Caylee....4 distinct separate lies!

    as the jury spoke loud and clear on counts 1,2 & 3....they also spoke loudly on 4-7....

    court finds you to be guilty....one year in OC jail $1000 fine on each ....all four counts to run consecutive.....giving credit for time served....

    Mr. Baez & Mr. Mason - we are going to take some time today this morning to sort out .....with previous sentences she was given.....but with good time....

    first determine - time served ....jail has to apply good time and gain time she has gained.....late July or Early August is what I think....

    I will reserve jurisdiction for 60 days to determine cost of prosecution...

    LDB- I have .....a minimum of 30 - anytime after that would be acceptable

    CM - depends on when they get...if 29th day not so good.....

    LDB - affidavits of the SO.

    HBP - week of 8/15 not around......8/27....involved in case that supposed to last 3 days....I have time on 25th or 26th - depending on how long you need....I can fit you in on week of 29th but have to fit you in.....I have to take over Judge Adams since he is leaving @ end of the month....I have....8/1 week fit you into that schedule regular work.....week of 8/9 same priviso....except that friday......so when would you like the hearing?

    ldb - any of those options

    HhBP -have the 25th or 26th get to CM or JB - thurs 25th or Fri 26th.....

    LDB - don't know kc status @ that time if they want to waive her appearance.....

    HHBP - entirely up to her and counsel -
    CM = waive her appearance

    HHBP - Ms. A you have a right to appeal ....file within 30 days....if can't afford cu wish ourt will appoint...do you wish to appeaL?

    JB - moment for ......reserve right to make that decsion

    HHBP - you have 30 days or give up right to appeal, does she have funds to pay for appellate counsel?

    JB - no

    HHBP - if she decides that she needs to file with clerk of the court and timely bring that matter so counsel can be appointed.....if she decides to appeal....it will be your responsibilty to file before your are relieved have those documents filed.....any other matters

    court in recess

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    Quote Originally Posted by evelyn24 View Post
    right i don't think she's getting out in a couple of weeks. that doesn't even add up, does it?
    Sounds like time served and also early for being a "model inmate".

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    Was ther still some sentencing left for other charges from before? I thought I read that somewhere......

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    Quote Originally Posted by butwhatif? View Post

    Gen pop- here you come KC !!!
    Please, if there is a God. PLEASE!

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    BS saying probably released in less than a month on WFTV.

    Justice for Travis

    Sometimes the first step towards forgiveness is understanding that the other person is a complete idiot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SATA View Post
    I know I am not supposed to say this, but I have to and will take the consequences if there are any.
    I am glad that ICA sits there oblivious that her hair looks really, really stupid with that bump on ONE side of her head. There.

    Bwaaaaaaahahahahhaahahhahahahahahahahahaahahahhaha ha


    Short, sweet, tear jerking 4-5 line stories one MUST read after reading true crime.


    Hiliarous tribute to Kathy B... OMG too funny

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    It just occurred to me where she could go and possibly be welcomed. The way her hair and makeup look today she could go straight to work at the Bunny Ranch in Nevada!
    Neighborhood Watch is...
    NOT the Vigilante Police

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    HA HA HA!!!

    If she is indigent and wants to appeal this she will get a public defender. It's the beginning of the end of her special relationship with the DT, who will promptly get on with their lives.

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    Ahhhhhhhhh.. and CA got all dressed up to, so sad...

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    Well, I guess HHJP doesn't make any statement to KC after all...this whole thing stinks.

    Justice For Caylee So sue me CA!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JDB View Post
    is it just me or does the judge appears to act like he knows the jury got it wrong also???

    He knows
    Say what you mean, mean what you say, but don't say it mean.
    We are all just trying to make sense of an unimaginable crime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blue Ridge View Post
    Wouldn't that mean she doesn't pay for what she did to Amy at all?

    I don't get this. How can 'time served' count for more than one crime at the same time?
    When she pled guility it was for time served...this new case goes from Jan 2010 when the check charges were done being served...
    Just my opinion, of course.

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    I hope they take her butt out of protective custody and put her in general population.
    Casey, tell the truth. It's not about you anymore. - JG

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    Why aren't they slapping handcuffs on her like they did to the finger guy?
    Justice for Holly Bobo🎀

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    My last hope is that they figure her incarceration to be more than a year so she'll go to prison. I didnt realize though he said late july early August of THIS year

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