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    Lab-made organ implanted for first time


    Lab-made organ implanted for first time
    By Madison Park, CNN
    July 7, 2011 2:15 p.m. EDT

    Scientists created an artificial trachea using polymers that had a spongy and flexible texture.

    (CNN) -- For the first time, a patient has received a synthetic windpipe that was created in a lab with the patient's own stem cells and without using human donor tissue, researchers said Thursday.

    Previous lab-generated transplants either used a segment of donor windpipe or involved tissue only, not an organ.

    In a laboratory in London, scientists created a trachea, which is a tube-like airway that connects at the voice box and branches into both lungs.

    On June 9, doctors implanted this synthetic windpipe into a 36-year-old man with late-stage tracheal cancer at Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm. The patient is doing well and is expected to be released from the hospital Friday, said Dr. Paolo Macchiarini, professor of regenerative medicine there....

    This is the artificial trachea, covered in the patient's cells.

    Very Cool!

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    This is amazing!

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    This is a giant step toward saving millions of lives! There should be no problems with rejection, since this was made with cells from his own body!

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