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    WY - Nacuma Conant, 33, & 3 nephews shot to death, Wheatland, 8 July 2011

    On the heels of the events in Michigan, another mass murder, this time in Wyoming. According to police, four people including minors were shot to death at a residence in a southeast Wyoming town. The suspect, a prize named Everett Conant, is in custody.

    More at the links below:



    Years ago this might have raised gasps. Now it seems a weekly occurrence.


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    I totally agree regarding the fact that crimes of this nature have lost their power to shock. We seem to accept them as a matter of course. The late Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan spoke about "defining deviancy downward" - basically, allowing social and ethical standards to slip rather than to take an active stand and say these things are unacceptable. This is an extreme example of that, but an example nevertheless - that we no longer gasp at crimes of this nature.

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    A depressing update: the fatalities included Conant's three sons, aged between 11 and eighteen, and his brother. His wife survived the incident. No details as to motive but he seems to have taken his time, moving from site to site within the town.



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    Is date wrong on title?

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    Wheatland Shooting Update July 13th, 2011

    Suzette was reportedly released Monday from a Cheyenne hospital.

    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<more at link>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


    Conant Family Funeral
    July 15th, 2011

    Cars lined the streets outside the First Christian Church in Wheatland as friends and family remember the slain members of the Conant family.

    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<more at link>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


    Grieving town mourns 4 Wyoming shooting victims
    Friday, July 15, 2011 8:30 p.m. MDT

    WHEATLAND, Wyo. Tears filled Suzette Conant's eyes as she reached from her wheelchair to hug people after Friday's funeral service for her three young sons and their uncle, who were fatally shot last week in Wheatland.

    ...................................snip........... ...........................

    Authorities have charged Everett E. Conant III, 35, with killing his sons and adult brother, Nacuma. He's also charged with attempted murder in the wounding of Suzette Conant, his wife.

    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<more at link>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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    From November 2013:


    A Wyoming man who killed his three young sons and brother and wounded his wife in a shooting rampage two years ago must serve five consecutive life sentences — four of them without possibility of parole...

    Conant’s no-contest pleas in June followed several lengthy stays at the Wyoming State Hospital in Evanston that ultimately determined he was competent to stand trial.

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