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    Brothers bump into each other after 53 years apart

    wo brothers who lost contact 53 years ago after one moved to Argentina and the other to Australia have been reunited by chance at Lisbon's international airport while on a trip to their native Portugal. "I looked at him and saw the face of my father," Mario Silva, 70, told local daily newspaper Correio da Manha.

    "I hugged him right away and said: 'You're my brother!' I was crying too. It was a very big shock for me."

    Mario last saw his brother Francisco in 1951, when his elder sibling moved to Argentina from their hometown of Tunes, in Portugal's southern Algarve region. Mario moved to Australia 21 years later.

    The two were in Portugal to take part in a Government-sponsored program to bring immigrants back to their homeland for a visit and ran into each other while boarding a bus at the airport which was picking up participants.


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    How heartwarming, finally something in the Bizzare News section that is good news for a change, not someone biting someone's tongue off or chopping their penis off!

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