BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (AP) A man charged with forgery allegedly tried to get out of jail by what else? forging documents for his release.
Now, 20-year-old Jared Bailey faces new felony charges of attempted escape and forgery.

Investigators say Bailey forged the signature of Monroe Circuit Judge Douglas Bridges on a court order that purportedly changed his bail from $100,000 surety bond to $500 in cash.

Bailey's old roommate told police that Bailey asked him to fax the fake papers to Bailey's attorney. The friend said he went to a copy store with a fax number he thought was the attorney's, but the documents went to the jail instead, according to an affidavit.

The fake document is complete with a clerk's office stamp and a template similar to the real thing. It details a hearing in Bridges' court and states: "The defense informed the Judge that substantial evidence disputing the prosecution's claims had been found ... After hearing the new evidence presented by the defense, the court orders that the defendant's revoked bonds be reinstated, and that the corresponding holds be lifted."