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    OR - Mary Frances Reid, 22, Portland, 8 April 1963

    I wasn't sure quite where to post this thread. If you know of a WS member that is good at tracking a person please send them a link to this thread.

    The LE has identified the suspect of this homicide but they have been unable to locate him.


    Lawrence was born somewhere in Michigan in 1922. His last known address was in St. Louis in the 1970's.
    (name is Johnny Lawrence according to the article).


    Lawrence was interviewed at the time of the homicide, and was 42 years old, suggesting he'd be 90 if he's still living. But police haven't been able to obtain his date of birth, other than presuming he was born in 1921.
    I found it touching that after all these years her brother Joe refused to let the case die and called LE often. It was because he never gave up and because he kept calling year after year, decade after decade that he finally found someone that would work the case again.

    Joe's words about it:

    "There was many a day I just didn't think this would come to pass," Joe Reid said. "Her loss has been and will continuously be a life-altering experience for me and my family. You just don't know how much of a relief this is to my family."
    I know we have some very skilled WS members that are very talented at tracking persons of interest or suspects. I hope that if you know of one here you will pass this case on to them and see what they might find for this family.

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    Bumping for Mary

    All kinds of hugs!


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