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    CA - Ilene Scott, 6, Carson, 20 Dec 1980

    i saw this case on a friends facebook who has this thing that pops up a new missing person each day. i did a little research on Ilene but there is very little on the web about her

    Non Family Abduction
    DOB: Dec 19, 1974 Sex: Female
    Missing Date: Dec 20, 1980 Race: White
    Age Now: 36 Height: 3'0" (91 cm)
    Missing City: CARSON Weight: 40 lbs (18 kg)
    Missing State : CA Hair Color: Brown
    Missing Country: United States Eye Color: Blue
    Case Number: NCMC604335
    Circumstances: Ilene's was last seen roller-skating near her home. Ilene has a brown birthmark on the right side of her hip.


    i also found a website where a poster under the name of jessi is posting saying that she as a child looks just like Ilene and did some therapy where she went back in time and has strange memories of another life before she was jessi. the mod for this fourm did say to report your info to the fbi not sure if she did
    go to the link and read halfway down were this jessica post
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    Jessica doesn't mention Ilene's birthmark...I wonder if she has that?

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    On the same missing person page's thread, someone posts claiming to be Ilene Scott's brother and asking Jessica to post again, but she didn't. I was hoping he had an e-mail listed but he didn't. You never know, but I think he is legit. I'm guessing he had to be googling his sister's name to find her. Wonder if he still lives in/near Carson, CA? I don't know, 1980 til now is kind of a long time so maybe not. I've tried to put as many words as I can think of in this post related to her abduction so hopefully if he goes googling again he'll find his way to this thread. It would be great to have more information to go on.

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    There's also now a person on Charley Project that says that she might be Ilene:


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    Been trying to post something here. This is the third try. My name is Marshall Loveday. My wife Marcia and I lived right next door to the Scott family when Becky disappeared. We had seen her out roller-skating when we left to do some shopping that Saturday morning, and returned to the mobile home park to find the place crawling with L.A. County Sheriff's deputies.

    It would sure be great if Becky could be found. I know there is one gal who has posted on another missing person's forum or two that she thinks she might be Becky, but seems to be afraid to follow up.

    I do think about this sad case from time to time. One thing I was wondering - what if Becky went 'exploring' and perhaps got knocked unconscious / trapped underneath one of the mobile homes? I know the Sheriffs looked under some of the mobile homes (including ours), but did they search under all of them in the immediate area? (Might have been 10 units within 100' or so......)

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    Welcome to Websleuths, Marshall Loveday.
    "...And the villagers never liked you
    They are dancing and stamping on you
    They always knew it was you."

    Sylvia Plath

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    Hi. This is my first post. I saw something on FB about this. How much investigating was even done in regards to this case? Do you remember?
    I can't find anything at all about her on the internet except that standard pic.

    Is the mobile home park still there?


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    ILENE REBECCA SCOTT - vanished 1980

    This is my second post. I am not quite sure how to start a new thread- or if I can.
    I would like this child's case to be looked at again. I have two places I plan to try to get information, but I don't know if
    this will work.

    There is really no information about her on the internet. I have seen a video with a possible age progression on Youtube, but the family
    hasn't posted anything about her. There isn't even a page on Facebook.

    Anyone who might have information or who would also like to search this out a bit- please post back.

    When I look at what is available: the family wasn't certain if her blouse was red or pink (I do find this odd.) I've read "Becky" didn't get along
    well with the mother's boyfriend (or didn't care for him). She had been skating outside, but her skates were left. Her shoes weren't. So, it seems she stopped skating and took off her skates and put on her shoes. I have only seen that one picture of her and no others.

    Most families have a few photos - not just one.

    The neighbor says the sheriff's department came and looked under some mobile homes. Beyond this,
    were dogs brought to the area? How long did they search? Why was it stopped?

    Obviously this is a cold case, but it just seems odd- (the lack of info - was something covered-up? ). Yes, it was 1980, but when you search out other children who vanished
    then or before this - often, you can find a great deal of information. I guess I can say you usually can find more than what you can find on this girl.

    I can't even locate the names of her parents.

    Also- I accidentally reported my first post- . I'm still trying to figure this out.

    Thank you-

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