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    What bums me the most, is that Kathy Durst's in-laws didn't care about her death.
    That's simply sad. They should be ashamed.

    It's not like they wanted to protect Bob Durst, but rather that they simply didn't want the Durst name associated with murder. Ironically, they would have received considerably sympathy if they had stepped forward for Kathy. But now...well...they won't.
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    Over 34 years after her disappearance, Kathleen Durst’s family wants to have her legally confirmed dead — killed by her oddball millionaire ex-husband Robert Durst.

    The family needs the ruling to pursue a civil wrongful death case against Durst.


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    images.jpegHas anyone given any thought to Robert Durst being the Connecticut river Serial Killer? The guy is a perfect candidate and is actually a person of interest in a disappearance in Vermont where he owned a Health Food Market in the general area and during the general times these crimes were committed, he was a frequent visitor and owned properties in the state and he is as i earlier stated a suspect or person of interest in at least one young girls disappearance in the state.

    I realize that there is a strong opinion that this killer was identified as a man whom is no longer living that ended up taking his own life but this could easily be a assumption that is just as wrong as it could be right. Furthermore the man that is widely believed to be the Connecticut River Serial killer in Vermont was not even close to appearing like the man that victims and survivors described when they gave composite details to sketch artists after they were attacked. Robert Durst on the other hand looks identical to the composites and sketches produced by the victims and artists that they worked with, I know this is a long shot but its something that I have kicked around and looked into on my own as I have an interest in the state of vermont ( my home state) and I believe Mr. Durst to be a likely candidate for these murders. His MO, location during said times, property owned, personal temperament and his general disposition toward women in his past and later his future points to a person of interest. NOT TO MENTION THE FACT THAT HE WAS AN ABSOLUTE DEAD COLD RINGER IN COMPARISON TO COMPOSITE SKETCHES CREATED BY THE SKETCH ARTIST IN THIS CASE!! sketch-from-jane-boroski.jpg

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    Six-year-old Shannon Sherrill disappeared from her front yard in Thorntown, Indiana in October, 1986. Someone knows where she is......


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    Robert Durst Said Giving Details About Missing Wife Would Be 'Pleading Guilty'


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    35 Years Later, Sister in Durst Case Is Still Looking for Answers


    Mary McCormack Hughes has a vivid recollection of the phone call she got 35 years ago this week from Robert Durst, her brother-in-law. “Have you seen Kathie?” he asked.

    Kathie was Kathleen Durst, Ms. Hughes’s younger sister, who at 29 was in the final months of medical school. Her marriage to Mr. Durst, the eccentric scion of a prominent New York real estate family, had splintered under Mr. Durst’s efforts to control her, repeated rounds of quarreling and, finally, violence.

    No, Ms. Hughes, said she had responded, but I’ve been meaning to talk to you about Kathie.

    Mr. Durst cut her off, saying he was going to the police, and abruptly ended the call, she said.

    Ms. Hughes remembers that as she hung up the phone in her East Side apartment that February evening in 1982, she turned to her husband, Tom Hughes, and said, “I think he killed her.”

    Today, Mr. Durst, 73, sits in Los Angeles County Jail awaiting trial on a charge of murder — not of Kathie, but of Susan Berman, a confidante who, investigators say, knew his secrets and shielded him from newspaper reporters after his wife vanished.
    Ms. Hughes has not paid much attention to events in Los Angeles.

    “I think it’s going to be a disaster,” she said, with bitterness, of the coming trial during her first interview in more than three decades, at an Upper East Side apartment building where her sister once lived with Mr. Durst. A large photograph of Kathie Durst dressed in an Annie Oakley-style dress and a wide-brimmed hat from the Wild West hung over the fireplace.

    “Hollywood and publicity,” Ms. Hughes said. “They’re not really interested in my sister — they’re interested in Bob. I just want to find out what happened to my sister.”
    Whatever happens in Los Angeles, Mr. Durst will return to federal prison to serve the remaining time on a seven-year gun conviction.

    “We want some sort of peace, some answers as to where she’s at,” Ms. Hughes said. “Why couldn’t he just tell us? He has nothing to lose. He’s going to stay in jail.”

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    Robert Durst’s wife officially declared dead after 35 years


    It took only 35 years, but Kathie Durst has finally been declared dead.

    A Manhattan judge officially laid to rest the first wife of oddball real-estate heir Robert Durst in a decision made public Thursday.

    Kathie vanished from the couple’s weekend home in Westchester County in 1982.

    Robert has never been charged in his wife’s disappearance, but he remains the only suspect. He famously appeared to confess to killing her in the 2015 HBO documentary “The Jinx.”

    The death declaration, by Surrogate’s Court Judge Nora Anderson, allows Kathie’s long-suffering siblings to pursue a multi-million dollar lawsuit against Robert, who they say killed her and hid her body.

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    Judge handling estate of Durst’s missing wife faces ethics probe


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    I watched the jinx the past few days and I thought it was really good. Has anyone else seen it?
    ...and be sure your sin will find you out.


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    Just finished watching The Jinx and I was pretty blown away by it. Great documentary and I'm even more sure now that Durst is guilty of all of the murders. It's crazy how he can convince people of his story and that he's just the unluckiest man alive. I mean, he had me falling for it, but by the end, no way.

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    Tonight (Saturday) on Lifetime:

    The Lost Wife of Robert Durst

    Young and wide-eyed Kathie falls in love with charming, yet quirky real estate scion Robert Durst, only to find their marriage turning stranger, darker and more disturbing as time passes. Based on the book by Matt Birkbeck.

    8:00 - 10:02 PM Lifetime

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