Stop School Bullying Resources
This web site was created in May 2001, by 8 college students enrolled in a Social Development course at Kalamazoo College. Over the years, a few students per year will contribute to this web site so that it will continue to be updated and expanded by college students who care about the well-being of children.
The site takes a dynamic systems perspective on bullying (see, for example, Pepler, Craig & O'Connell, 1995; Thelen & Smith, 1994). According to this approach, "bullies" and "victims" are not viewed as roles that particular individuals are destined to fill, but are culminations of patterns of behavior that emerge, accelerate, and are maintained when the surrounding conditions support them. We also draw from Dan Olweus' (1991: 1992; 1993) extensive work on bullying, emphasizing the practical knowledge about what we--principals, teachers, parents, and children--can do to stop school bullying.

This site has a section for teachers, parents and kids.