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I kept putting this out of my mind when I first read about what DP had to say about the Casey Anthony case a couple of days ago, but my thoughts just wouldn't leave. Like most of you I could care less what he has to say.

But I found myself suddenly thinking like Drew about what a public outrage it would cause by him hooking up with ICA and better yet--- obtain her lawyer since he still has a year to sit there! That would be just up DP's alley. Even more frightening is the team that Baez & Joel Brodsky would make.

What better duo than the two most currently hated people & the "lawyer" who already rescued a murderer, jumping onto DP's ever evolving defense train. It's the thing nightmares are made of. Just like the movie (parody) now playing here in Chicago as well as the one scheduled to be cast with Rob Lowe. They can both be celebrities and share their secrets & confessions. I'm just thinking out loud because these thoughts are making me crazy and it's just a matter of time before ICA gets out.

I've been following Drew Peterson's path of destruction for years and most everything is circumstantial pertaining to Stacy as well as Kathleen. And then there's the "hearsay" witnesses from Kathleen & Stacy's family, as well as letters written by the two women themselves. Literal voices from the grave--as we've learned from Drew's Law.

`Drew's Law' may let Drew skate (it's an older article)


I'll be watching the news closely here, because I don't think that DP is going to let his satisfaction that the young murderess was set free, and his opinions of it, go unnoticed or un-acted upon. She's just about his perfect age too. Oy.

Isn't ICA on probation once she's released? If so I would think that she wouldn't be able to communicate in any way with someone in jail?
I hope that we finally find justice for Kathleen, although that's going to be a long road ahead with Drew's sons siding with him.

just my again. Thanks everyone for your replies!
No she isn't...