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    Oregon Youth Authority cuts sex offender & violent offender beds

    Well, this member of the Oregon public is extremely concerned. I've written all the letters possible but it's a done deal. The young man who raped our children lived at this unit for some of his ten years of incarceration. The offenders there are the worst of the worst. I've also served on the board of a wonderful private nonprofit which serves lower level offenders. There's a world of difference, IMO. I'm not happy about this, AT ALL. "Less secure" means just what it says.....less secure. Not altogether safe. Not prudent.


    Oregon to close youth sex offender cottages at MacLaren

    "State officials plan to close the three closely guarded cottages that house sex offenders at MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility in Woodburn, The Oregonian has learned. Plans call for transferring about 75 convicted sex offenders into other "close custody" units elsewhere in Oregon or, potentially, into less secure halfway houses run by private nonprofits...."


    "...The Oregon Youth Authority, which oversees 800 youths ranging from early teens to mid-20s, has long warned there would be repercussions from the cuts. Now the details are beginning to emerge. Also slated for closure are two units at Hillcrest Youth Correctional Facility near Salem, including one that houses some of Oregon's most violent young offenders..."


    "The public does not need to be concerned," [OYA Spokeswoman, Ann] Snyder stressed. "Our fundamental job is to be a public safety agency. There is no situation, no case, where a youth will be released into the community. We will move the lowest risk youth into community residential programs."


    "...The agency is cutting 119 positions. After retirements and other attrition the actual number of workers losing jobs is expected to tally about 100. It's one of the biggest shakeups at the Youth Authority since it became a separate state agency in 1995...."

    More at link

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    OMG that is awful, I am truly sorry. I was just talking about this on another thread. They are cutting the wrong programs. Do you really believe that everyone is going to be safe? Do you think that some of these individuals will get displaced somehow? I just hope they keep an eye on all of them. Some are already proven violent so some of them have the attitude I have nothing to lose.
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