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    IN - Carl Holbrook, 50, burned alive, Wayne County, 8 July 2011

    A Wayne County woman is charged with murder after police say she burned her father alive.

    According to the affidavit of probable cause, Nina Holbrook, 30, admitted to detectives, Friday, she “torched” 50 year old Carl Holbrook.
    video at link:


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    First off, that is very disturbing. Second of all why did she decide to do this in her bedroom? Why not the kitchen or his room?

    I am shocked at the responce she gave to the witness she saw right after. Crazy she gave him the thumbs up sign.

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    I not sure what going on with stories today

    There reason she did this...

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    Local suspect accused of Indiana murder
    Police: Daughter set father on fire
    Updated: Friday, 15 Jul 2011, 12:54 PM CDT

    LLANO, Texas (KXAN) -

    Holbrook had spent the previous three years in and out of the Llano County jail. The Llano District Attorney's office said it was Holbrook's father who picked her up from the Llano County jail last month were she was being held on an aggravated assault charge and a causing bodily injury charge.

    .....................................snip......... ...................................

    Bunyard said Holbrook was deemed incompetent to stand trial and she was sent to the Burnet State Hospital. She was still considered incompetent to stand trial after an evaluation one year later. Then, the psychiatric hospital sent the district attorney's office a report that state she would probably never be competent to stand trial, but based on her behavior was no longer a threat.

    Bunyard said Holbrook was turned back over to Llano County who started scrambling to try and get her committed. ...............snip.............

    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<more at link>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.

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    Holbrook was brought back to the Wayne County Jail in November to undergo psychological evaluations to determine her competency to stand trial.

    Two orders for examinations have been distributed by the court. Pending the outcome of those examinations, a trial date has been set for March 3 for Holbrook in Wayne County Superior Court I.

    Holbrook’s attorney, Stephen Rabe of the public defender’s office, has filed a notice of intent to raise a defense of mental disease or defect in the case.

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    From June:


    Nina M. Holbrook, 34, entered pleas of guilty but mentally ill to felony murder and Class A felony arson charges in Wayne County Superior Court I.

    In accordance with a plea agreement filed on May 1, Judge Charles K. Todd Jr. sentenced Holbrook to 55 years for murder and 50 years for arson, with the sentences to run concurrently.

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