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    Sorry if this is in the wrong thread. I can't seem to find this answer anywhere. Found alive is self explanitory, but does "identified" mean that the person is deceased, and was positively identified. Or does it mean that they came forward to authorities and don't want to be known as "found alive," so one bothers them, because maybe of the explicit nature of some of the pics. If they are deceased is Alcala a suspect ?

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    I think they probably overlap to some extent, at least in the Alcala forum, and the person doesn't have to be dead just because her thread is tagged identified instead of found alive. IMO it's just that on many occasions there is little or no information about the circumstances in which the person was identified, dead or alive, safe or not. Even if dead it may be completely unrelated since it's been many years since Alcala was taking his photos and many of the people in the photos may have died for natural causes since then.

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    I think it is mod preference. Originally posts were marked found alive! when the photo was identified. As newer mods came on and former mods like myself went into retired mod mode some chose to use the found alive prefix and others use identified.



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    I did see that some have accompanying stories that say they are alive and well, while some are just notated on the photo at the 48HRS site as having been identified. I went through all of them and it seems that most of them are actually known to be alive as specified by MSM, but around 5 or so are just listed publicly as identified.

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