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    question about the clothing and stun gun marks

    I asked this question on a thread but no one answered. Can anyone tell me if the clothing that JonBenet had on that night (the pj's) had any corresponding marks on the shoulder, lower back, and leg where the stun gun/abrasions were on the body? Thanks.

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    I don't believe I have come across this information if it does exist. I have often wondered that myself. I also wonder if maybe those were marks from some sort of pebble or something on the basement floor, or if she were taken somewhere else if the marks came from the other place. I think it is stretching it a bit if she were removed from the house and brought back, but as I have seen from other crimes (presented in documentaries, etc. on TV) that just about anything is possible these days.

    I would think that if there were burn marks on her white shirt, this would have been noted somewhere and we probably would have heard of it by now, thus having no arguement about whether a stun gun was used or not. I would think that would be a definitive answer to that question.

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    Triple Double Marks

    It is only because the identical marks are seen in 3 different places that the probability of a stun gun exists because they cannot be explained or lied away.
    The question about the clothing is good. Since a stick was shoved into her - it is obvious that her pants and panties were removed. Her outside red shirt was already removed in the bathroom upstairs and left in the bathroom. No one has ever established where this attack took place. If it was in the wine cellar - it did have two lights, and the person didn't have to be in any rush because the girl was knocked out but not blungeoned yet. I think there was GBH in the pineapple [no one checked] which made her groggy, then the stun gun to inflict pain, and the entire incident from beginning to end took less than 20 minutes. I am sure the perpetrator had everything down like clockwork - just like the screwballs in a Hitchcock movie, "Rope." The rope in the bag was just left as a Hitchcock clue.

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