I can't find a thread on this case as we don't have a name but it's an important one. Poor young lady.

Jesus does indeed save (IMO) but he also weeps.


Spring City man gets 200 years for raping stepdaughter
July 15, 2011

"WEST CHESTER — A Chester County Court judge, asked to spare from prison a Spring City man who impregnated his stepdaughter after years of sexual abuse, on Wednesday methodically declined the defense request and instead ordered the man to spend 100 to 200 years behind bars. President Judge James P. MacElree II, in a calm and controlled voice at the conclusion of a long sentencing hearing in his courtroom, handed down one of the harshest sentences allowed for the sexual abuse of a child victim in Chester County. MacElree had heard the victim tell him that she had lived a "nightmare" of attacks while she was growing up before reporting the abuse. The attacks had eventually resulted in her becoming pregnant and being forced by her stepfather and mother to abort the child she said she never wanted, but would also never know..."


"....MacElree told the 41-year-old man — who remained unrepentant for the years of abuse of which he had been found guilty — that he would never see the light of freedom again. "My intention is that you will die in prison...."


"....[The accused man's] attorney had claimed at his trial in March that the girl's accusations were made in revenge for not being able to go on trips and concerts — suggested that his conviction had been unfair. "I would just like to say that injustice anywhere is a failure of justice everywhere," the man said. "And that Jesus saves...."


"...He raped me every day for six years," the girl, now 18, told MacElree. "I lied to people who loved and cared about when they trusted me. I never felt I had a choice. What happened to me took years of my life away." She said she hoped her stepfather would get treatment for his affliction. He was previously convicted in 1993 for sexually abusing a relative..."


"...When she was 15, the girl became pregnant with her stepfather's child, she said. The defendant and the girl's mother, however, forced her to terminate the pregnancy, Pitts presented in evidence. Officials at Phoenixville Hospital, had saved tissue from the procedure, and later when police began investigating the case, were able to match the DNA of the fetus to the man...."

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