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    Haleigh Prayer Vigil - August 17th ***INFORMATION ONLY-no case discussions***

    Everyone is invited to join the family of HaLeigh Cummings at the foot of the Palatka bridge to release balloons for HaLeigh’s birthday. HaLeigh was born at 2:16 a.m. and balloons will be released at 2:16 p.m. Free balloons will be given to anyone who cannot join the family but would like to release a balloon for HaLeigh from their own location. We would also ask that anyone who remembers HaLeigh show their love and support by joining us and releasing a balloon from wherever you are. Free balloons will be red, purple, and pink ~ HaLeigh’s favorite colors.

    This information was given to me and I wanted to share.

    Please, do not get into discussions about who or what or why unless it is positive. This is for HALEIGH!

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    watchinginky is offline Please let today be the day they find HaLeigh
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    God Bless You HaLeigh.

    "Stop acting like a two-year old".
    Jose Baez to Casey Anthony during jury selection

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    Little Haleigh,

    Many people are praying for you Haleigh.

    What a sweet & beautiful child you are, and many of us wish you were here now and enjoying your childhood. I hope you can hear our prayers for you. If you're in Heaven now, then you are in an amazing place and God is holding you in his arms. Hope you are happy where you are, and that you are at peace.

    So many people love you and always will. Even though many people here have never met you, we still care and will forever have you in our thoughts & prayers.

    You are very loved & missed! May God keep you in his care.
    Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous -
    Albert Einstein

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