What an absolute creep!! He knew what he was doing was evil. When caught, he attempted suicide. Interesting that the perps' consciences never push them in that direction prior to being caught.


Former federal probation officer sent to prison for 10 years for pressuring women he supervised into sex
July 18, 2011

"By all appearances, Mark J. Walker was a model U.S. probation officer in Eugene, a career public servant. During his two decades of government service, he often paid personal visits to the men and women on his caseload, many of them fresh out of prison.

But in the last half of his career, Walker had a secret life. From 2006 to 2009, he took advantage of his position to pressure several women on his caseload into having sex with him. He threatened some that if they didn't, he would use his power as their probation officer to send them to prison.

But today, it was Walker who was sentenced to prison....."

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