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    Thumbs up New Target Found for Nitric Oxide's Attack On Salmonella Bacteria


    New Target Found for Nitric Oxide's Attack On Salmonella Bacteria

    ScienceDaily (July 23, 2011) A new target for nitric oxide has been revealed in studies of how it inhibits the growth of Salmonella. This bacterium is a common cause of food-poisoning.

    "Nitric oxide is naturally produced in the nose and the gut and other tissues in the body to ward off infection," explained the senior author of the paper, Dr. Ferric Fang. He is a University of Washington (UW) professor of laboratory medicine, microbiology and medicine.

    Nitric oxide -- not to be confused with nitrous oxide, the laughing gas in dentists' offices -- is similar to the preservatives in hotdogs, Fang said. Reactive nitrogen species, like nitric oxide, make brown meat an appetizing pink. They also weed out microorganisms that spoil food or cause food poisoning....


    ...Nitric oxide's targeting of the Krebs cycle is not unique to Salmonella. In learning how the body naturally controls the energy supplies and growth of varied disease-causing organisms, Fang said, scientists may be able to develop new broad-spectrum antimicrobials that mimic these effects, drugs that promote the body's own natural defenses against infection, or agents that overcome the ways virulent bacteria compensate when being starved of certain nutrients.

    The research was supported by grants from the National Institutes of Health.

    I'm always interested in these types of Scientific advances. This is off topic but I wasn't aware that Phyllis Diller's husband was a doctor. (The older generation will get that joke.)

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    Thanks. And, yes, alas, I get the joke.

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    I got a giggle out of the obscure pop culture joke hehe. (I'm showing my age )

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    My oldest son had that when he was a baby ..it was a nightmare.
    "Don't pee on my head and tell me it's raining" ~Judge Judy

    Revenge is beneath me , but accidents DO happen .

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