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    Inmates file lawsuit over prison menu

    Interesting: "The lawsuits say the cuisine pales in comparison to what the inmates have experience in other jails. They seek $1,000 per day for pain and suffering sparked by their unsatisfied stomachs."

    "We're not here to keep them (prisoners) ‘satisfied,' " Thompson said. "If they're not satisified, then they won't be coming back to jail. Our job is to keep them safe, keep them fed. Some inmates have been here as long as two years awaiting trial and have not lost a pound."

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    I certainly don't agree with the 1,000 per day nonsense - that's ridic, since a meal costs an average of under a dollar. I've only had issues with serving fruit in prison -- they don't. This is because some prisoners hoard fruit to make alcohol -- so many prisons have decided to forego this important nutrient. By doing so it costs a LOT more money to treat ailments such as loss of teeth, loss of strength, loss of bone mass by removing the big C from meals.

    I don't know what this lawsuit is all about, because it does not specify. Clearly if they are saying meals are delivered early -- that's complete nonsense.

    If there's a valid reason, that's another thing. I do think all meals should hold the proper nutrients - ONLY to avoid medical problems that we all have to pay for. This includes serving them fruits and veggies every once in awhile.

    I guess I need more info as to what they really are suing for.

    Anyway, just my thoughts. Thanks.


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