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    TX - Heidi Seeman, 11, San Antonio, 4 Aug 1990

    This child was abducted and found murdered. The case has still not been solved.


    You will need to scroll down to her name in August 1990.
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    well worth a read

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    Quote Originally Posted by wfgodot View Post
    From the article above...Cold case slaying still haunts city.

    "The case is still absolutely solvable," said Jimmy Holguin, a former lead investigator on the Seeman murder with SAPD who now works as the chief investigator for the Bexar County medical examiner's office. "But knowing who committed a murder and proving it are two different things. In my mind it has been and always will be Jerry Nabor."

    Holguin's certainty is shared by Hastings.
    "She was kidnapped by Maj. Duncan," he said, and noted a previously publicized theory, repeated in an Air Force investigation file, that Duncan was seeking revenge against Heidi's father, Curt Seeman, because he blamed him for getting Duncan transferred from Randolph AFB, where he worked as a psychologist.

    Kidnapped by duncan and killed by nabor? And the motive being a transfer? Wow. Talk about revenge. To kill a little girl over a transfer. How does that even things out?........

    Seems they would have kidnapped and killed the man that got him transferred. Not a little girl.

    Reminds me of the guy whom goes around searching for missing people. His daughter was killed and for years a suspect was blamed to no end for her murder. But later it was discovered he did in fact not kill his daughter but the man never recovered from the accusations.

    They seem certain whom done it. But to me the motive behind the killing does not add up...Perhaps tunnel vision got the better of the investigators. They have put all there eggs in this one basket this one/two suspects and failed to look elsewhere. Time will tell I guess.

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    Huge case in S.A., one of those that tampers with a city's psyche, misshapens its zeitgeist, infests all with a collective foreboding, and will not ever go away.

    This really isn't a whodunnit. It's unfathomable on all other levels, however.

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