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    NM - Chris Gurule and Linda Davis face charges for rape of her 4 year old

    Linda Davis was arrested after her boyfriend Chris Gurule was busted for posessing and producing and distributing child pornography.

    These two are from Albuquerque, New Mexico. I just was looking it all up. Apparently he's got a rap sheet a mile long including of course manufacturing meth. Not much on "grandmom". She's 51 and he's 37. He's got an alias of Jonathan Lawrence Duran.

    Here's a YouTube clip. Please be careful with anything having to do with this horrific crime. It freaked me out and made me physically ill. Now it's a grandmom? I mean one of the most trusted people on earth to a little 4 year old? Your grandmom? I'm just sitting here shaking my head.

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    well my grams would have pushed me into quicksand if she could have but even she wasnt this sick

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    Bond lowered for grandmother accused in child porn case
    03/11/2010 5:36 PM

    Linda Davis has AIDS, which is the main reason she asked to be released until her trial.

    On Thursday afternoon, Judge Charles Brown lowered Davis' bond to $25,000 cash or surety, meaning $2,500 could release her on bail.

    The decision shocked and angered the victim's family as well as prosecutors.

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    I'm sorry I watched that clip. No words.Well, none that I can write.

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    Can't watch the video at work (not sure I want to, with the comments here). But I'm wondering why having AIDS means she should get out of jail? What, you can't be sick in jail?

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    Once again because the defendant is female she gets better treatment!
    If the male half asked for a lowered bond because he had AIDS it wouldve been denied.
    Does the Jusge not get 'Granma' was IN the pictures with her granddaughter??
    She didnt just offer up her granddaughter to her much younger,POS boyfriend SHE gleefully & willingly abused her grand baby AND THERE IS PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE?!!
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    “We certainly feel like Miss Davis is a danger to the community,” said Davis. “That’s why you’ll see that both our office and the attorney general’s office are prosecuting this case together.”


    Ya'd think the AG's office involvement would have kept her in jail.

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    I don't see any mention of whether the child was exposed to AIDS. Presumably, if this "woman" had sex with this "man", wouldn't they have exposed the child?

    People, please please read about the sexual repercussions of meth use. It's really disgusting but something that rarely comes up in these trials. People who would have never thought to do something so disgusting are driven to these acts by lowered inhibitions, and the craving for ever greater sexual "highs". I wish this would figure into more of the anti-meth education.

    I have a good friend who is a DA and she tells me that photos of meth houses, where children are present, are rife with sex toys and hard core porn. She said the addicts are so tweaked, they'd have sex with anybody or anything. She frequently uses photos of the rooms where children sleep which show these items scattered around. It is truly disgusting.

    Here we've got a drug that makes you feel on top of the world and energetic one moment and then makes you want to rape a baby the next. Oh, and photograph it.

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    Makes me feel like handing in my card for membership to the human race.

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    so she might have condemed her grandaughter to having the disease but she gets kid glove treatment cause of it.

    our system is a freaking joke

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    Well - I say we all keep an eye out for this POS's computer use and make sure, when we see it, we turn her gross azz in!

    I would think that she would be safer in jail?


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    I am a grandmother who has a 4yr old grandson who I would lay down my life for, I will not watch the video due to the warnings. I am just wondering WTF is happening in this world. Mothers,fathers,mom's boyfriend,and now the person who usually loves you more then any one (including your own grown up children)and wants to cherish and protect you now is using you for sex with her boyfriend. I do not care if meth makes you horny as heck they have no excuse for doing this to a child NEVER.They both should ROT in JAIL for the rest of their sorry lives.Then go straight to H#LL.

    I think that Judge and other Judges who go easy on child abuse and child porn are looked at closely for only another abuser of children would go easy on people who most would see as scum of the earth.JMO but how is this aids infected child molester not a menace to society?
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    That poor little baby. I can't begin to imagine the pain she has suffered. And the grandmonster...don't get me started on that piece of trash.

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    This pos was arrested in 2008, IMO she should already have been tried and sent to prison for the rest of her miserable life.

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    It's probably cheaper, in some way, to allow her to get her medical treatment outside the corrections system. Plus she's probably not much of a flight risk because of it.

    Not that she shouldn't be in living in fear in general population, of course. That's what she deserves. A lot of bizarre decisions seem to come down to money is what I'm saying.

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