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    Test subjects to lie down on the job

    I think I could do this ~ for the right price LOL


    More than 700 women have volunteered to lie in bed for 60 days to simulate the effects of weightlessness.

    Only 24 places are available for the experiment, which is being conducted jointly by the European, French, Canadian and US space agencies.

    The project - entitled Women International Space Simulation for Exploration - will begin at a hospital in southern France next February.

    The test subjects will lie in bed, with their head slightly tilted downwards for the entire 60 days.

    They will be regularly tested for muscle tone, cardiovascular condition, changes in their immune system, bone structure and mood, to help provide insights into the effects of long-term space travel.


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    Do they let them get up to use the bathroom?
    What do they get paid? (I'm with you on this one, Cass)
    And most importantly, Do they get a gym membership upon conpletion to lose weight and regain bone mass and muscle tone?
    This is my opinion, and change is good.

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