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    I know that this is OT, but I think it is important. I also know that somewhere here at WS there is a place that lists resources for parents of missing children, and I am hoping that someone will kindly take this information and post it in that place.

    FBI's first app helps parents report missing children

    When they're not hunting bad guys, the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation has designed a smartphone application for concerned parents.

    Child ID, the first mobile app made by the FBI, provides parents with a place to keep information about their children handy in case of an emergency.

    Parents can create separate entries for each kid, complete with photos, height, weight and other descriptive details. Then if a child disappears at the shopping mall, for example, a parent can quickly reference the info from her phone when filing a report to police.

    ~~~More at link

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    Family Guardian

    Thanks for starting this, I'll post another application for android smart phones and tracking your children. Here's the scoop!

    NQ Mobile's Family Guardian is an app that allows parents to track their kids.
    (Credit: NQ Mobile)

    NQ Mobile isn't content to protect your phone; it wants to protect your children too.

    Family Guardian is an app that sits in children's smartphones and basically monitors anything they do and where they go. Parents go online and access a dashboard, and can pull up all of the phone's activity: view contacts, Web browsing history, photos taken, what apps are downloaded, and location data. Parents can also set limits on when the phone can be used (it can be blocked out during certain hours of the day), who their kids can talk or text, and restrict Web sites and apps.

    Children, meanwhile, need a password to access or delete the app, making it difficult for them to get around Family Guardian.

    The app also makes good use of the phone's location awareness and GPS capabilities. Parents can get a rough location history of their kids, seeing where they go throughout the day. They can also set up geofences around known areas such as the school or library; if a child opts to ditch class and leave campus, the parent will get a text message alert.

    Read more at the link, the company is working on an iphone app also.


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