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    Thumbs up Perseid Meteor Shower: Best Times to Spot 'Shooting Stars' This Week

    The annual Perseid Meteor Shower is nearly upon us, once again:


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    So does this mean it's going to be too bright to see them tonight?

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    I didn't know August was the meteor month of the year. My daughter and I saw three falling stars the other night. Oh, yeah, now I see they were meteors.

    Interesting. Learn something new every day.

    Thanks for the link DK!


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    Oh, DK, I knew I could count on you to post this!

    I got to see two tonight. Imagine, the peak is upon us and I saw two...

    I'm grateful to see those two but... darn you, full moon, on the peak of my fave meteor shower.

    Guess we'll have to bundle up for the November one.
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    yeah, bright moon out there tonight
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    I'm in Michigan. I saw a whole bunch of the meteors yesterday, but the moon is soo bright i've only seen 2 this am. I'm going back out shortly. moonsets @ 5:26 am.

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