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    100,000 Pennies Saved Are 100,000 Pennies Spurned

    producer agreed to pay $1,000 to neighbors inconvenienced by filming. When 20 sacks of coins arrived, they were not amused.

    A veteran Hollywood producer making a series for Paramount Network Television has recently received a lesson from a Brentwood couple that gives new meaning to the expression "penny wise, pound foolish."

    While on location in September on Moreno Avenue, a broad street lined with substantial homes, producer Ronald L. Schwary's location team asked Stefanie and Myron Roth to halt their noisy tree trimming. Some bargaining ensued, and the Roths agreed to send the trimmers away in exchange for $1,000.

    Rather than pay them quickly with a check, Schwary, winner of a best picture Oscar for the 1980 film "Ordinary People," rounded up 100,000 pennies and had them delivered, weeks later, in 20 densely packed bags to the Roths' cream-colored, Monterey-style house.

    There are pennies from heaven. And then there are pennies from Paramount.

    The Roths, who said they could not even lift the 30-pound bags, were not amused. By the time the brouhaha finally was resolved last week, Paramount had apologized for "any inconvenience" after several phone calls and a letter from the Roths


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    They also saved the Roths from being 'those sob's who brought in 100,000 pennies to be counted on our change counting machine' at their bank.
    This is my opinion, and change is good.

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