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    Man tries to swap stolen $110,000 religious book for used car

    A Nevada man tried to swap an early edition of the Doctrine and Covenants, one of the accepted books of scripture for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, for a used car this week.

    The early copy of the scripture, valued at $110,000, was among LDS and American historical items that were inside a trailer that was stolen.

    Thieves stole the trailer from Utah art dealer Lee Snarr after he stopped for dinner in Reno on his way to an art show in San Francisco, Reno Police Lt. Ron Donnelly said.

    Snarr, a North Salt Lake resident, said the trailer was packed with $400,000 worth of religious art and early edition LDS documents. It was stolen Oct. 11 from the Diamonds Casino parking lot.

    Snarr was inside the casino for less than an hour eating dinner, Donnelly said. When he returned, the trailer was gone. Inside the trailer were bronze statues of American presidents and LDS authorities, including Abraham Lincoln and LDS Church founder Joseph Smith. Also inside were historical copies of the Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great Price.

    The thieves subsequently made several attempts to sell or pawn the religious documents, Donnelly said. Some of the stolen items have been recovered.

    "It's equivalent to a wino pawning off the Mona Lisa. It sets off a lot of bells and alarms," he said.

    In one instance, a man dickering for a used car claimed he didn't have any money and tried to trade the $110,000 copy of the Doctrine and Covenants.


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    Art dealer thankful to have stolen items back

    Utah art dealer Lee Snarr credits divine intervention for the recent recoveries of several expensive religious artifacts — as well as the trailer hauling them — that were stolen last month minutes after he parked outside a downtown Reno casino for a dinner break.

    “I know without any doubt that God had a hand in them being restored to me,” Snarr said Wednesday. “It’s quite a miracle.”

    Over the weekend, seven of the eight stolen statues were found in Sun Valley by a couple walking their dog, authorities said.

    Last month, Snarr’s trailer and two Mormon holy books from the 1800s were recovered by Reno police. The third stolen bible was recovered by a Reno Gazette-Journal reporter who turned it into police.

    Snarr said he is confident the last stolen item — a 42-inch, 120-pound statue of Joseph Smith and Joseph Hyrum — will find its way back to him


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