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    Nursing Home Workers Sentenced For Making Patients Slippery

    Two nursing home workers accused of rubbing down elderly patients with ointment so they would be "slippery" aren't going to slip out of serving time.

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    WTF was all that about? Where do these people come from and what drives them? Are they sadists?
    England's dancing days are done...

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    This makes me so mad. I had a terminally ill relative in a nursing home and visited every day, often taking lunch since the food was horrid. One day I had made her favorite food, roast beef and noodles and decided to take her supper. She was asleep but her tray was left - corn chips in a sealed bag and horrible smelling fixings. The staff were all in their break room enjoying food they ordered in - but took time to let me know my relative needed hand fed as she was unable to feed herself. I stayed and fed the good food to her and reported the incident the next morning. Her room mate let me know she received better treatment after that.

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    Not punishment enough, but I guess no one was seriously injured. Lucky stooges.

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    So thankful, my mom was in a wonderful state run nursing home. Shiny clean, great food, everything was wonderful. Can't even imagine how I would have felt had someone mistreated her.

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    A prank for the workers on the next shift?

    What is wrong with those two? Those are human beings for goodness sakes. Not props to use as pranks.

    I'm completely boggled at the mindset.

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