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    What chewed off babys fingers?

    I found this article by accident and it REALLY freaked me out. It is so HORRIBLE......It also worried me- I know LOADS of people with cats and babies..................
    Be prepared if you're going to read the whole article, its long and a bit gruesome...........Poor little mite. .

    TAUNTON — The grandmother of a 1-month-old baby boy who had two fingers bitten off says the baby's mother did not abuse the infant and is not a suspect.

    Mary-Ellen Washburn said Saturday that she believes the family's cat or a rat or other rodent is responsible for biting off two of the baby's fingers and chewing on several others.

    But authorities are continuing their investigation into the case and said they still do not know how the baby's fingers were bitten off.

    "We don't know how it happened," said Denise Monteiro, spokeswoman for DSS.

    Monteiro said she expects the probe to be complete in about 10 days.

    Washburn said her 23-year-old daughter Kathleen MeNeely did not abuse the baby in any way.

    "It's a horrible, horrible thing that happened to that baby, but she didn't abuse that child. We're all in shock over what happened," said Washburn. snip...............

    full article:http://enterprise.southofboston.com/...ews/news05.txt

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    Yikes.. it just does not sound right to me!! The cat is innocent

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    Goodness!! I hope so- it does say that the bite marks are SMALLER than a cats??!!! What could that mean?? No rat droppings..............Very VERY scary! Poor baby.

    Just noticed your photo link Casshew!!! You might want to think about adding a scarf in this weather!!

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