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    Minnesota gay teens bullied by adults, peers, say activists


    Minnesota gay teens bullied by adults, peers, say activists
    ReutersBy Andy Greder | Reuters 18 hrs ago

    PINE CITY, Minn (Reuters) - Barb Schroeder knew about her son Alec's struggles as an openly gay freshman in rural Minnesota's Mora High School. But she didn't know about the knife.

    Classmates called Alec names and pushed him around inside a portable bathroom during a homecoming football game in 2005.

    "I would take a knife out, hold it and think about how quick it would be, and how I wouldn't have to go to school tomorrow and deal with that," recalled Alec Schroeder, now 20.

    Alec's mother transferred him to a different school district in Minnesota, a state which has become a flash point in the battle over gay rights -- and not just because of the proposed constitutional amendment defining marriage between a man and woman that will go before voters on the 2012 ballot.

    The Anoka-Hennepin school district, the state's largest, was sued in July by the Southern Poverty Law Center and The National Center for Lesbian Rights for what the groups call the district's "gag" or "neutral" policy limiting teachers from defending or advocating gay rights.

    The district just outside of Minneapolis is represented by Republican U.S. Representative Michele Bachmann, a presidential contender whose husband owns a counseling business that has sought to "cure" homosexuals....

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    Minnesota was in line with the national average in terms of the number of respondents saying they heard derogatory comments such as "dyke" or "******" from other students. But where the state stood out was in homophobic remarks directed at students by adults -- in that category, the state came in at more than four times higher than the national average.
    So...the adults of the State of Minnesota are 4 times as homophobic towards teens as is the national average.

    What a hateful State of things!

    Good luck young Minnesota. You have your work cut out for you.

    I know where you post.

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    I hesitated posting this as I don't want to seem to be politicizing this topic; but Michelle Bachmann, who represents Minnesota in Congress has made several comments about how anti-gay bullying laws are not needed. That kids can 'work things out' Also that there have always been bullies.
    So, why am I not surprised to read this about Minnesota?
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