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    HELP Jason Savela become Boulder DA

    http://jasonsavelaforda.org/index_files/Page401.htm (This link contains a succinct bit of information on helping Jason get elected, a quick read)
    IF IF he can get his name out, he has a better chance of being elected than Keenans lazy opponent last election time.

    We all helped JR not get elected, perhaps WE can help get Jason elected as Boulder DA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A snippet from the above link:


    Please send your checks to: ($400 per person-max)

    “Committee to Elect JASON SAVELA”

    1143 Portland Place, Suite 1

    Boulder, CO 80304

    =========================WE helped JR not be elected, now an opportunity to get Keenan OUT. Send a dollar or so for JonBenet.

    This link contains contributions for Jason Savela run for Boulder DA

    This link has a picture of Savela and dang near his entire life history.

    Why are you running for this office? As I have travelled around Boulder County, people have told me that they are dissatisfied with Mary Keenan. They have told
    me that they do not think she represents their best interests. I want to bring confidence and trust back to the office. I want to focus on the administration of justice.
    I will try cases in court and not in the press. {{{I liked this comment!!!}}}

    Another snip from the same link -----------"What would be your first priority if elected? My first priority would be to end any animosity between the DA's
    office and local law enforcement offices. We need to work together to be effective. The DA's office can learn plenty from officers. In return, the DA's office should
    be a legal resource for all officers. Good relations will result in better evidence and more efficient prosecutions.

    Another link, second item from bottom of the page shows:


    Write-In Candidate

    for Boulder District Attorney


    Opinions expressed by me, are mine, based on life experience, and known facts of any given case.

    """I am just a pixel in the universal plan."""

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    I would have to say anyone but someone who served under Alex Hunter would be a better choice than Keenan for DA. I'd vote for Snoopy if I could vote there!
    "If at first you don't succeed, skydiving isn't for you!"

    The above post is my opinion and my opinion only. Please do not copy and past to other forums.

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