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    Will Darlie Get A New Trial?

    Do you think it will happen?
    The saints are the sinners who keep trying...

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    Do I think it will happen? I don't believe it will, it's been 8 years since the murder of these 2 precious boys. Her attroney files Writ of Habeas Corpus on July 12th, 2002 to the Texas Court of Criminal Appleas.
    January 2003
    Mr. John R. Rolater, Jr. filed the State's response to the defenant's Write of Habeas Corpus.
    Then on March 27th, 2002
    The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals heard Oral Arguments in Darlie's Case.
    February 2th, 2003
    The defense files their response to the State's respone to Writ of Habeas Corpus and on May 21st, 2003 The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals upheld Darlie Routier's conviction.

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    Unless something extraordinary happens, I think not. Her best shot were the mistakes from the transcripts mess and they're (Texas I mean) not going for it.

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