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    NJ - Nazish Noorani, 27, shot to death, Boonton, 16 Aug 2011


    So I read about this yesterday - husband, wife, and child out walking and a random shooter comes up, shoots wife (dead) and shoots husband 4x. He survives. Hmm, I've heard this story a million times. Anyways, yesterday it was reported he was a doctorate student at Harvard and they lived in Boston - just in NJ visiting family.

    Anyway, the story tonight (link above) says LE is looking into affairs, shady business deals, AND the fact the deceased wife told her family to look at husband if she ends up dead. Oh, and he never went to Harvard (hello, Mark Hacking).

    Seriously. If every couple were required to have pre-marital counseling that included spending an entire day on Websleuths looking at crimes, they would learn they will NEVER get away with it - even if they think they are smarter than LE. Never (ok, maybe 1% will). There are only so many ways to kill your spouse, so many stories. They've all been used. Many times. You're going to get caught.

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    I thought this husband was shady from the time I heard the first report on my local NY news. And now as each day goes by, I'm convinced I am right.

    Obviously, not every case where one spouse is murdered and the other is injured is suspect but this one just got my hinky meter up and running.

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    BOONTON (WABC) -- The husband of a woman who was gunned down while the couple was walking down a New Jersey street with their 3-year-old son in a stroller has been charged with her murder.

    Authorities say Kashif Parvaiz made statements implicating himself in the shooting death of his wife, 27-year-old Nazish Noorani. Parvaiz and 26-year-old Antoinette Stephen, a woman from Massachusetts with whom Parvaiz allegedly had a relationship, have been arrested. Charges include first-degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder and weapons offenses. Parvaiz is also charged with child endangerment and hindering apprehension and prosecution.



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    Daily Mail again:

    Muslim husband confesses to role in murder of wife as they strolled with son, 3. 'Lover pulled trigger'
    • Husband, who was also shot in the attack, charged with killing his wife
    • Alleged mistress thought to have pulled the trigger, also charged with murder
    • 'Within hours of the crime, we realised this was the handiwork of the husband,' police chief said
    Kashif Parvaiz, 26, admitted he was involved in the murder of Nazish Noorani, 26, who was killed just three blocks from her sister's house in the heavily Pakistani area of Boonton in a planned attack on Tuesday evening.
    much more at link

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    Along with being arrested, has confessed his lover pulled the trigger.

    I'm shocked too. I surely thought it was a random killer walking the streets looking for someone to kill.

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    Sorry, didn't see you posted the same thing above.

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    Never had any doubt it was the husband. Poor kids

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    Rest in peace, Nazish.

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    Nazish was stunning. Rest peacefully beautiful lady and may justice be done.

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    'Hit husband' introduced wife to mistress who allegedly killed her: family

    "The young mom gunned down in a New Jersey street earlier this week knew the woman her husband allegedly hired to kill her, relatives of the dead woman told The Post today."

    "Beautiful Nazish Nooranii met her husband’s mistress, Antoinette Stephen, during a Boston trip, with the philanderer going so far as to introduce the alleged hit-woman as his "fiance," according to Noorani’s sister, Lubna Choudry."

    "Kashif Parvaiz told his wife at the time that the fiance reference was just a way to get a discount at a Boston Best Buy, where Stephen worked, Choudry recalled."

    Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/h...#ixzz1Vc9RVwKi

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    i saw the text messages between the two suspects on prime news yesterday, and as vinnie politan said "thank god these people were stupid." in one of the texts the girl said "delete these text messages" HELLLO?

    eta: http://news.bostonherald.com/news/re...speak_volumes/ here is a link to an outline of the messages

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    NJ hubby got $2M share of apt. building before wife's murder

    "The monster cut a $2 million real-estate deal just hours before his wife's murder -- courtesy of his elderly sugar daddy."

    "Less than two years ago, handsome alleged killer Kashif Parvaiz, 26, had persuaded a frail, older gay man to sign over to him his share of a Queens apartment building that is now about to be sold for more than $9 million, The Post has learned."

    "The contract for the sale was signed Tuesday -- only hours before Parvaiz's beautiful wife, Nazish Noorani, was blown away, allegedly by the hubby's secret lover, in what cops say was a heinous plot cooked up by the both of them."

    Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/n...#ixzz1VlD3Gvex

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    he never deleted mistress text messages and cell phone pings.............
    NewJersey should bring the DP back.........
    Now baby has no parents thanks to dumb sperm donor.
    Nazish Noorani was gorgeous.mistress not! JMOO
    Kyron, HALEIGH, ADJI & Gabriel NEEDS PRAYERS NOW TO FIND THEM!. Zahra & Jonathan in heaven
    Justice for Hailey!!!!
    No Justice for Caylee Marie..........

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    Family of mother 'shot dead by her husband and his lover' finally win custody of sons, 3 and 6, from HIS parents

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/arti...#ixzz23q9Apmh7

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