St. Cloud State University students Thursday elected a man as homecoming queen. Fue Khang, a student from Minneapolis who serves on the student government, will represent the university as homecoming royalty.

It is the first time since 1940, when homecoming royalty were first selected, that a man has been crowned queen, said Marsha Shoemaker, a university spokeswoman.

To select homecoming royalty, student organizations can nominate and campaign for candidates. This year, 58 candidates were on the ballot, Shoemaker said.

About 750 of the university's 15,500 students voted, she said. Candidates are judged equally on how they do in interviews with university staff and in the student vote. Candidates also receive points for participating in games.

The judging formula that combines points from the interviews, vote and games is designed to make sure a candidate is serious and will represent the school well, said Jessica Ostman, director of university programming.

Ostman said it is uncommon for student groups to nominate a man.

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