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    NY - Herbert Gleason, 1925

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    I'm sorry, I don't understand how someone who clearly and purposefully (per Wikipedia) abandoned his family is a missing person? Was a police report filed? Did they suspect he later met with foul play? Is there anything else in the media that goes into a search for him?

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    OT but Jackie Gleason was so attractive when he was young (at least as to my tastes in men lol).

    You know my Great-Grandfather walked out on my Great-Grandmother and 2 yr old Grandmother in 1924 saying he was going to the corner to buy a pack of cigs.

    They never saw him again and my Great-Grandmother had to have him delcared legally dead in order to remarry after 7 years.

    I'll have a look and see if I can find anything on Jackie's dad. (I tracked my Great-Grandfather in 2000. I located his Son. The son he had by the woman he married and moved out to CA with ~ making him a bigamist by the way, and was living there in the 1930's when the census was done. My GG died in Las Vegas NV in a motel room with a much younger woman....'nuff said about that).

    People who walk out of their lives always have intrigued me because of that. JMHO

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