Ask New Yorkers what their city smells like, and they're likely to suggest exhaust fumes, hot dog carts or the last garbage strike. Not so, says perfume-seller Laurice Rahme, who thinks New York neighborhoods smell so good that they're worthy of a line of fragrances. The newest one, Wall Street, debuts on November 1.

"You don't know how many times I've heard that New York smells bad and how can I live here? But New York smells good to me," said Rahme, a Paris native who moved here 30 years ago.

The collection of 21 fragrances ranges from a bouquet scent for Chelsea, the city's flower district, to a rich coffee- and vanilla-tinged New Haarlem. The chamomile-based fragrance Park Avenue is elegant, while Fashion Avenue is an avant-garde combination of mimosa and black currant.

The Wall Street fragrance does not, she points out, smell like money. Rather, the scent, at $190 for a 3.4 oz. bottle, combines sea kale, cucumber and lavender to reflect the area's waterfront and emergence as one of the city's newest residential neighborhoods.