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    VA - Sgt. Crystal Ragin, 32, & three kids found slain, Newport News, 18 Aug 2011


    A Virginia man has denied any involvement in the slayings of his wife and her three children, whose bodies were found in their burned apartment, police said Sunday.

    John Moses Ragin, 36, professed his innocence during interviews with Newport News police detectives who traveled to South Carolina, where he is being held, department spokesman Harold O. Eley said.

    "Mr. Ragin denies any involvement whatsoever in their deaths," Eley said.

    Newport News police want Ragin returned to Virginia to face nine charges, including four counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of Crystal Ragin and her children, Sierra, 15, Rasheed, 10, and Lakwan, 6.

    All four were found in their Newport News apartment on Friday. Investigators found evidence of knife wounds and "exposure to fire," police said.
    How awful! If he indeed innocent, I hope theyt get the person responsible ASAP!

    RIP Crystal and little ones.
    Just my opinion.

    If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.
    Mark Twain

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    Newport News man, suspected of killing family, was charged with assaulting wife in June

    A Newport News man suspected of killing his wife and three stepchildren had already been charged with assaulting her earlier this year.


    John Ragin had been arrested on June 14 and charged with simple assault after his wife told police he had thrown her against a dresser, causing a laceration to her face.


    Each of the four had apparent knife wounds, and all four had been exposed to fire and burned.

    John Ragin and his 5-year-old son were located with relatives in South Carolina. Crystal Ragin was the biological mother of all four children.


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    Citing court records, the Daily Press of Newport News (http://bit.ly/oU4xcD) reported Sunday that John Ragin was convicted of voluntary manslaughter in 1991 in Clarendon County, S.C. He is still on probation for that conviction, said Eley, who could not provide further details.

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2011/08/21...#ixzz1W0aZvRgz


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    Not looking good...

    "had gotten a court order a day earlier barring her husband from having any contact with her."


    This is about 15 miles from me. That's terrible!

    Death Penalty on the table:


    Fighting Extradition:


    Bio-Dad speaks out:


    With Video:


    Violent Past:


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    An article in the Clarendon Citizen that talks about not only the murder of John Ragin's wife and three children but also the murder that he committed in 1991. He was no longer on parole as of 2007 according to the article. Also in the article it states that Ragin pled guilty to voluntary manslaughter in order for the murder charge to be reduced.


    Also here is the website for Clarendon County. You can click on Clerk of Court and do a search for John M Ragin. John was sentenced to 30 years but was released early. He also apparently tried to sue the county (if I am reading the information correctly) but did not win. The link below hopefully takes you to the correct page for John's information.


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    John Moses Ragin, 39, was convicted of killing his wife, Crystal Ragin, a 32-year-old Army sergeant at Fort Eustis, and three of her children — Sierra, 15; La'Kwan, 11; and Rasheed, 6. The verdict came on the fourth week of the capital murder trial...

    The jurors, seven women and five men, were not able to come to a verdict on whether Ragin should receive the death penalty, which forced Circuit Judge Timothy S. Fisher by law to declare a hung jury and impose life in prison.

    Blood that matched Ragin's DNA was found in multiple places on the victims, a forensic scientist testified. Ragin's DNA was found under his wife's fingernails, on a detergent bottle filled with gasoline that was used as the accelerant, and mixed in with the victims' blood.

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