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    CA - Valeeya Brazile, 3, beaten to death, Fair Oaks, 5 Feb 2008

    Sacramento judge eviscerates defendant, CPS over girl's death

    "There is not the slightest evidence in this case that the protection or safety of Valeeya or her brother was ever a priority, or even a significant concern, for the agency or the caseworker charged with their protection," Savage said before he sentenced Martin to prison for the maximum 29 years to life.


    Martin denies killing Valeeya, and as the judge and three of Valeeya's relatives spoke, he sat quietly at the defense table, yawning, shaking his head and cracking his knuckles.


    Olga Smith, the little girl's aunt, told Martin he was a "monster."

    "I don't know what that little baby could have done to you to make you want to torture her on a daily basis," she said, "to make you want to throw her, to make you want to throw her in the air, to feel her heartbeat, punch her in the stomach, man, and on top of her little head.

    "I don't know what would make you want do that. What could she have done to you?"

    Eventually, Smith's emotions boiled over and she shouted profanities at Martin, something that often will result in expulsion from court.

    The judge did not move to stop her, and Martin feigned boredom.


    God bless you, Judge Savage.

    Rest in peace, Valeeya.
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