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    UT - Bear River City, WhtMale UP9221, 20-40, On Bank of Canal, Jun'81

    here is a UID who just was entered into Namus. He was a WM, 20-40, 5'8", 177 lbs, red/auburn hair with brownish sideburns, green eyes, found dead in a canal in Box Elder County, UT on June 15, 1981. not clear how red the hair was as opposed to brown.

    they say they have photos but same have not been uploaded yet. UID is not in Doe Network:

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    there is a missing person, Dale Kelley, from Carmichael, CA, last known alive on May 20, 1981. Dale was 21 years old, had brown hair, green eyes, 5'10" and weighed about 165 lbs.


    neither Dale nor the UID had any distinguishing marks on their bodies.

    only real downside I see is that Dale was supposedly always clean shaven and the UID had a mustache. not clear if Dale had any sideburns as his hair was long in his pictures.

    the body was found less than 4 weeks after Dale was last seen.

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    This case sure seems like one that could be solvable. The remains were found only days after the EDD with a recognizable face yet there is no sketch. Also, DNA has not been submitted. I understand that exhumations are expensive (and not possible if he were cremated) but it seems like this case shouldn’t have stayed unidentified with no rule outs for all of this time (found in ‘81, added to NamUs in 2011).
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