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    WV Raccoon Streaker At NASCAR

    O.K. I'll just get it overwith. West Virginia, Bristol, Tennessee, a naked guy, a wild raccoon and NASCAR. Once I saw this guy's mugshot it all fell into place.

    Joshua Greene was having a little streaking fun at a concert celebrating NASCAR on Saturday. Somone reported him to police and he was arrested. I'd think one would be allowed to streak at such an invent, but what do I know? Nothing.

    After his arrest police found his girlfriend and a wild raccoon in his car. The pair saved the raccoon in some Ststae Park. Again, not a biggie in my book save for I fear the bandits of the night.


    That's video of the streaking which I didn't view. I gotta find this guy's mugshot. It's a classic.

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    Ahh, I grew up with the streak.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUIu03s3oNY"]Ray Stevens: The Streak Original 45 RPM Record - YouTube[/ame]

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