Swart, J., & Smith, R. L. (2011, September). Prospects of criminal profiling: A critical review of the BRACE Character Profile.

Being presented by Joan Swart at the 17th South African Psychology Congress,
Johannesburg, South Africa.
14 – 16 September 2011 daily between 09h00 to 17h00

Emperor’s Palace
64 Jones Road, Kempton Park
Johannesburg, South Africa

The objectives of the current study are to (1) briefly address the potential of offender profiling and current shortcomings, (2) introduce the BRACE Character Profile instrument, and explain the rationale and basic methodology, (3) establish independent accuracy of BRACE, which is compared to published averages achieved with traditional profiling methods, and (4) highlight the potential applications and focus areas for future study.
For more information: http://www.psyssa.com/congress2011.asp

Anybody wanting a PDF copy can also contact Joan Swart directly at joan@R45.co.za, who is also displaying a 2nd poster on Epigenetics and Antisocial Behavior.