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    NH - Ernest Willis for raping, impregnating 15yo girl, Concord, 1997

    I thought we had a thread on this sad case. I know we've discussed the details on other threads. If anyone can find the original, please merge.

    What this girl went through was reprehensible. That she went through this in her church is shameful. IMO, everyone who sat by and did nothing, bears some guilt in this travesty. Thank goodness that a woman came to her senses and did the right thing by reporting this.


    NH convict in shamed girl's rape gets 15-30 years

    "The 15-year-old New Hampshire girl was pregnant, scared and humiliated when she was made to stand before her Baptist church congregation 14 years ago and apologize for her immorality...."


    "...Tuesday, it was a former church member's turn to apologize before he was sentenced to 15-30 years in prison for forcible rape. Fifty-two-year-old Ernest Willis of Gilford said he was "sorry and ashamed for this thoughtless act of sexual misconduct...."


    "...he did not admit he forcibly raped the girl...."

    More at link (plus a statement by the brave survivor who asks that her name be publicized)

    The power of internet forums and groups!! More info:


    Man Impregnated 15-Year-Old; Pastor Sent Her To Colo.

    "...she was forced to stand terrified before her entire fundamentalist Baptist church congregation to confess her "sin" -- that she had become pregnant. What the teen wasn't allowed to tell the group was that the pregnancy was the result of being raped by [Ernest] Willis, a fellow church member who was twice her age. The church pastor helped ship her to the home of a Colorado couple she didn't know -- with her mother's consent -- and arrange for her baby to be adopted...."


    "....The case that lay dormant for well over a decade was resuscitated partly because of the Internet. A former member of Trinity Baptist Church who witnessed the teenager's church discipline session described it last year on a website maintained by a group called Independent Fundamentalist Baptist Cult Survivors.

    Website founder, JZ, followed up with the former church member, MB, and learned the girl's identity. JZ passed the information on to the Concord police...."

    more at link

    My prayers are with you, Ms. Anderson. You're a strong woman.

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    I read about this story yesterday, shame on this church's pastor! I am glad to hear that this young lady is doing well and now has a family.

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    I can't get past the fact that a family adopted this infant knowing that the adoption was against the young mother's will. This child will learn of this sad tale someday. They will learn that their adoptive parents took part in this charade and will be forced to deal with immense grief. How I hope this child has been told the truth by now and has some contact with the birthmother, if that's what she desires.

    There's just so much wrong in this story.

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