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    OH - Phil Masterson, 25, found murdered, Put-in-Bay, 6 Sept 2011

    I've been involved in the Mixed Martial Arts community for quite a few years now. This weekend, a friend and former sparring partner Phil Masterson, was murdered in Put-in-Bay, OH. His body was found by his mother and father behind a bar, where he was last seen. The family had filed a missing persons report on him after he went missing over Labor Day weekend.

    Official cause of death was blunt force trauma and strangulation. Phil was one of the toughest people I ever knew, but also one of the kindest. Outside of the sport, he'd never hurt a fly.

    I don't know what happened leading up to his murder by Zachary Brody, but I know myself and many, many others in the MMA community are completely sick by this news and heartbroken that one of our brothers was taken in this manner.

    Phil was engaged to be married in December, his dad has cancer. His mother and father were the ones who located him, buried under a tarp behind the Island Club on Tuesday.

    Anyone who is interested, here's the official report.. It also has a copy of the 9-11 call. I listened to it once, it's one of the most chilling and heartbreaking things I've ever had to endure. You hear his mother completely losing it, bawling her eyes out, and you hear his father wail out loud in the closing seconds of the recording. It broke my heart, gave me chills and has caused me several nightmares.

    Phil Masterson was a good man; an honest man in a world sorely lacking them. His loss is not only a huge one to the MMA community, but to the world itself. He had a big future ahead of him, now he's gone due to some idiot who had too much to drink.

    I hate posting on tragedies like this, last time I posted was during the Lauren Deis murder, which I still have yet to recover from. I wish life was more positive, murder didn't exist.. Awful.

    Rest well Phil. You were a tough guy, a good guy who deserved far better than this.


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    Tragic and so sad!

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    I'm sorry about your friend's murder, GH...and for his family, other friends, etc...senseless.
    Just my opinion, of course.

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    I'm so sorry for the senseless loss of your friend.
    I hope you and the family can find at least some comfort in knowing his murderer has been identified.
    Hopefully he can bear the full penalty of the law...
    It's just MOO. I could be wrong. Wouldn't be the first time and it surely won't be the last!

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    I hope they catch and put the bastard away for life. Since he was an MMA competitor he had to have been hit from behind because I don't think any average Joe Schmoe is going to be able to take an MMA fighter. He, IMO, was probably knocked out and then strangled to death. I would have to think this was personal and not random.

    Of course I'm only going on vague information in the police report. I'm sorry for your loss and I hope the guy they have is the one who did it.

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    Bowling Green man charged with killing Phil Masterson
    Sheriff: Masterson was in serious altercation before his death
    Sep 8, 2011

    Zachary J. Brody, 27, Bowling Green, is led into the Ottawa County Detention Facility at 3 p.m. Wednesday. Brody is charged with murder, voluntary manslaughter and felonious assault in the death of Phil Masterson, 25, Westlake, on South Bass Island. / James Proffitt/News-Messenger

    ...Bratton said investigators are still exploring the relationship between Brody and Masterson.

    On Brody's Facebook page, he lists Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and submission grappling as interests....

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    Here's another article with more information; http://www.wkyc.com/news/article/205...estlake-native

    ...Brody was arrested Wednesday afternoon and pleaded not guilty at his arraignment.

    Brody's bond was set at $750,000 and he is already scheduled to appear again in court Sept. 14 with an attorney. He remains in the Ottawa County Detention Center....


    ...The sheriff's office says there is no official cause of death but said he appeared to have been severely beaten. The Lucas County Coroner is scheduled to perform an autopsy on Masterson's body today....

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    Here's another article; http://www.sanduskyregister.com/put-...-friends-mourn

    It includes a video statement from Zachary Brody's dad. It might just be me but his father seems to come off as believing his son did it.

    Put-in-Bay murder suspect arrested; victim's family, friends mourn
    Melissa Topey

    ...It appears a chance encounter between the two men led to a confrontation that ultimately resulted in Masterson’s death, investigators said.

    “The two appear to have met on the island during the weekend,” Ottawa County Sheriff Robert Bratton said.

    They were both at a party near an Island Club cabin where Masterson had been staying. At some point, they had an argument that led to shoving and fighting, Bratton said.

    Investigators are still trying to figure out what they were arguing about.

    When both men left the party, they initially went their separate ways, Bratton said.

    But that was the last time witnesses saw Masterson alive....


    ...Deputies are still trying to track down about 20 people for interviews, and they’re also trying to figure out how Brody left the island and went back to Bowling Green.

    The investigation is ongoing, but it’s an “open question” as to whether additional arrests could follow in the days ahead, Bratton said.

    Bowling Green Municipal Court records show Brody was cited in October 2004 for persistent disorderly conduct.

    Also in that incident, one of his fellow fraternity members was granted a temporary protection order against Brody....

    I'm wondering if "roid rage" had anything to do with Brody's attack. I also think more than one guy was involved in this. JMO

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    I've been following this, as well, GH...my condolences to you and everyone who cared about Phil.

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    how sad and tragic. I'm so very sorry.



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    I'm so sorry for your loss. These senseless murders.....

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    Yes, yes, yes. I am so very sorry about your friend, Green Hornet.

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    I'm so very sorry. The pain must be incredible. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

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    I'm so sorry for your loss GreenHornet. I too hope you find some comfort in knowing the person responsible has been caught.

    I am keeping you, Phils family and all who knew and loved him in my prayers.

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    TGH, so sorry for your loss. I hope everyone involved in Phil's murder are brought to justice swiftly.

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