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    At Yokohama corpse hotel, business brisk

    Ghoulish hotel in Japan stores dead in refrigerated coffins
    It's the place where your mourning relatives can check you in when you check out of life - a real Heartbreak Hotel.

    Nestled away in suburb of Yokohama in Japan, the bizarre inn looks much like any other of the city's small lodgings.

    But this is no normal hotel, it is a hotel for the dead.

    The 18 guests are all corpses, tucked up in refrigerated coffins for 12,000 yen ($157) waiting their turn for one of the city's overworked crematoriums.
    In Yokohama, the average wait for a crematorium oven is more than four days, driving up demand for half-way morgues such as Lastel.

    'Otherwise people have to keep the bodies at home where there isn't much space,' Mr Teramura said.
    more, with pictures, at Daily Mail link above

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    Truly a place where you check out but can never leave
    You got to give credit to the Japanese for innovation
    England's dancing days are done...

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    One could also adapt certain Warren Zevon lyrics to the situation....

    And if Yokohama slides into the ocean
    Like the mystics and statistics say it will
    I predict this hotel will be standing until I pay my bill

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