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    GA - Edward Kramer for sexually abusing teen boys, Duluth, 2000

    Talk about a way to manipulate boys. Edward Kramer founder Of DragonCon in Georgia was arrested in Connecticut thanks to a tipster who may have spared a 14 year old boy some horrific damage.

    Kramer who was arrested for molesting three boys in Georgia has not stood trial due to illness. Uhhhhhhhhh he's ill alrightie. Kramer's lawyers claims he has a spinal condition which renders him too ill to stand trial. Not too ill to go hiking in Connecticut and doing other strenous activities though as he seduced a 14 year old he told would be a star in a film.

    Kramer is from New York. His MO was to give kids action figures and promise them photographs of famous people. That's not too difficult to rope in young boys I guess.

    DragonCon has a statement on their FB and other sites explaining pervert is no longer affiliated with them.


    Georgia wants his a*s back and Connecticut can't wait to get rid of him. Officials knocked on the door of the hotel possibly just in time as a kid in a towel answered the door while freakazoid sat on the bed. I guess to rest his spine. POS!

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    I love DragonCon and am so disappointed to see it affiliated in any way with this POS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Evan's Mom View Post
    I love DragonCon and am so disappointed to see it affiliated in any way with this POS.
    EM, I'm sorry these pedophiles taint everything. However, the other founding members claim he has had nothing to do with DragonCon since 2000. He's obviously a talented sci-fi guy. Too bad he's a creep. I think all is well though with the convention so people can enjoy.

    Meanwhile he's being held on 50K bond.

    He wasn't supposed to be anywhere other than New Jersey or New York for visits to his Doctor or visit his mom. His mom has passed a few years ago.

    Special thanks to the alert tipster and her DD who saw through Kramer's saying he was the boy's guardian.


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    "Ed was a dedicated volunteer at the Dekalb children's shelter" Oh no chit I bet he was.

    Here's a few pages long article from way back about this guy. It's interesting as well as it tells about DragonCon. Meanwhile once again we read or hear about people snickering or making jokes behind some perverts back because he has a legion of little boys following him. Meanwhile one person connected with the convention needed Kramer for something. He went to his hotel room and out of the shower dripping wet was this creep and right behind him a little boy soaking wet as well. It was at that point the "friend, co-conventioner" declined to let Kramer take his son camping.

    Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh O.K. I get it, but ummmmmmmmmm it didn't enter this guy's mind maybe other kids were being hurt including the poor kid in the shower?


    Forgive my rant. I seriously couldn't care less how ill this guy is physically. He wasn't too ill to run a convention and he wasn't too ill to make it up to Connecticut to molest a 14 year old who was starring in a movie. He never had to be accountable for any of those kids he hurt.

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    Filly, I don't know if you follow the William Ayres thread but he's the child psychiatrist from Boston who worked for years for San Mateo County in CA. Molested scores and scores of boys. He was just deemed too ill with dementia to stand trial and thus is being sent away for evaluation and probably a nice nursing home. There was talk for a while of the State Hospital at Napa but it looks like the DA chickened out on that idea. Not nice enough digs.

    Anyway, the reason I bring it up is that the victims hired a PI to tail Ayres. Here he is, a man who can barely remember his own name and surely not appear in court--holding forth at a restaurant in San Francisco, talking about politics, leading the conversation, multi-tasking, laughing and......bringing up the issue of boys' bare bottoms, as usual. Demented, yes!! But no dementia from what I saw. I wish more victims' advocates could tail these guys who claim illness.

    What these guys will do to hurt the children.

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    Also makes me think of Patricia Garrido, Philip Garrido's mom, who claimed she had dementia and didn't know the horrors that Philip and Nancy put Jaycee through.

    She sure gave out a chilling interview, full of Jaycee and her babies childhoods.

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    I'd forgotten about that!! Don't think I haven't considered myself, Sunnie!! I could claim health issues if I was subpoenaed to testify in court as I can't walk and my speech is very slurred. All they'd have to do, though, is use some of my posts of WS to prove I can communicate. I've never been able to figure out why some criminals don't get the ADA accommodations they really should have in order to stand trial.

    I have NO problem at all with Mr. DragonCon laying flat for his testimony. I'll be happy to listen.

    BTW, Sunnie, did you see the thread on the LA official who claimed that surgery to remove a growth on his spine caused a sudden interest in child porn? I'm watching that one.

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    How sad--legions of boys for how many years? From Filly's last link, and that's from 2002:

    "....for many that didn't explain why Kramer had a constant coterie of boys seemingly wherever he went. "You'd go up to his suite to get passes or to talk to him and the room would always be filled with pre-pubescent boys," J recalls. MD, who served as Dragon*Con's head of operations and security for nine years and oversaw a volunteer staff of 135, says Kramer "always had a legion of little boys following him around. 'Ed's boys' -- that's what we called them."

    But while the rumors attained near-ubiquity, most people laughed them off or kept their suspicions to themselves rather than risk angering the master of Dragon*Con. D remembers: "Ed never offered any explanation as to why he had all these boys with him and no one was willing to ask him about it...."


    "...Kramer was a dedicated volunteer at the DeKalb children's shelter, a mentor to numerous troubled boys and a surrogate father to children of single friends -- the people who mattered to Kramer knew that about him..."

    more at link (6 pages)

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    April 2013:

    Gwinnett County District Attorney Danny Porter... accused Kramer of faking the physical ailments that have him wheelchair-bound in order to avoid trial.

    Porter presented two witnesses who testified to seeing Kramer visit their movie locations in Connecticut and Kentucky...

    The witnesses also testified to seeing Kramer walk without the need of a wheelchair, often times carrying a small steady-cam rig for his own video and still-photography camera. Neither said they saw him with an oxygen unit...

    Porter argued that Kramer had been faking his ailments the entire time to avoid trial.

    "Mr. Kramer has consistently misled the court, misled his own lawyers and misled the state regarding his physical conditions," Porter said. "I believe the evidence is clear today that he turns it on and off."

    December 2013:

    Three separate teens — two of them brothers — accused the 52-year-old Kramer of sexually abusing them. After more than a dozen years and numerous delays, the trial that was to begin Monday ended before it started with Kramer’s plea.

    Kramer pleaded guilty late Monday morning to three counts of child molestation for allegations dating back to 1996, according to reports.

    As a first-time offender, he was sentenced to 20 years, but will only serve five under confinement. Kramer has already served 26 months of that 5-year sentence. He will spend the remaining 34 months under house arrest, prosecutors said. After his house arrest, Kramer will be on probation for the remainder of his sentence.
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    July 2014:

    Gwinnett County District Attorney Danny Porter is investigating whether the 53-year-old Kramer violated his house arrest in Duluth by following — or being followed by — a 14-year-old girl in Australia on Twitter.
    Porter is seeking expert advice and court orders for tweets and data from Twitter to determine if Kramer violated a court order by knowingly communicating with someone under 16...

    Porter said Kramer has since made his twitter account private...

    The prosecutor said he has plenty of help keeping up with Kramer. The charges against Kramer split the Dragon Con, Sci-Fi community in which believers in his innocence or guilt conducted “blog warfare” for years, Porter said...

    Even if the evidence isn’t there to bring a case, Porter has no doubt that the anti-Kramer faction will keep his office apprised of any violations — cyber or otherwise — they find.

    “I have no doubt they are keeping an eye on him because they report everything he does to me and I appreciate it,” Porter said. “I don’t have time to watch every move he makes.”

    August 2014:

    A few words from Danny Porter said it all.

    “I just don’t think we have him this time,” Gwinnett County’s district attorney said Thursday...

    Specifically under scrutiny were a 14-year-old Australian girl following Kramer on Twitter and a Google+ connection with the then-14-year-old boy he was caught with in a Connecticut hotel room in 2011...

    Final verification was expected to come down Friday, but Porter said it appeared that the Australian girl followed Kramer of her own volition and without any contact with or approval from Kramer, who was not following her back.

    The Google+ connection was not a violation either since the boy in question is now 17 years old.
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    November 2014:

    Dragon Con co-founder and convicted child molester Ed Kramer won’t go away. Kramer now wants his December conviction, which came 13 years after arrest, thrown out...

    In court filings thundering of constitutional outrage. Kramer’s lawyer Stephen Reba claims his client was forced into last year’s plea agreement through prosecutorial misconduct...

    [DA] Porter has pursued Kramer across the nation for more than decade of court delays due to Kramer’s health and legal challenges.

    “The only way it will die is he’ll have to to die or I’ll have to die and even that might not stop it,” Danny Porter told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Thursday.

    January 2015:

    Each and every Gwinnett County superior court judge has now recused him- or herself from handling the latest legal action by Ed Kramer, the Dragon Con co-founder challenging his 2013 plea on child molestation charges filed more than a decade ago.

    A judge from outside the county will now be appointed to the case.

    He's saying that the Judge and DA in 2013 colluded to pressure him into taking a plea deal (he took an Alford plea). So now I suppose the judges have all recused themselves because they know Judge Karen Byers and DA Danny Porter, the two who Kramer has accused of collusion. Kramer's attorney plans to put Byers and Porter on the stand
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    Porter will win in the end or die trying. He is an excellent DA. We used to live in Gwinnett County.
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