Inside the entrance to the Cow Palace a young woman stands next to a pillar, bored. A man approaches and holds up a camera. "Mind?" he asks.

She smiles brightly, half turns and looks back at him, striking a pose. She's wearing a see-through top of white mesh, thigh-high hose and a G-string. Little is left to the imagination.

The man starts shooting pictures. The flash is like chum to a shark. There's a rush of other men with cameras. Soon it's like a soft-core porno shoot, with a dozen men jockeying for position.

Her boyfriend approaches, drinks in hand. He stands to the side and offers encouragement. "Show it, baby," he says.

The woman smiles through it all. She arches her back and leans into the pillar. It's a classic men's magazine pose, and the guys are going wild. One has a camera mounted at the end of a 3-foot-long stick. So he can put the camera on the floor, between her legs, and shoot up.

This was the scene most of the night on Saturday, as 12,000 to 13,000 exhibitionists and voyeurs made their annual pilgrimage to the Exotic Erotic Ball, just south of San Francisco in Daly City.

It's billed as a celebration of all things sexual, but mainly the ball boils down to two things: showing it if you got it, and looking at those who got it.